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Core Managers: Noticing and Challenging Microaggressions

Develop your inclusive leadership skills by learning how to recognise and challenge microaggressions in healthcare facilities.

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Eligibility requirements: You are applying for Core Managers: Noticing And Challenging Microaggressions

  • Duration: 4 weeks 
  • Weekly time commitment: 2 hrs
  • (Total suggested time: 8 hrs)

Challenge microaggressions in the workplace and practise inclusive leadership

Microaggressions are everyday actions or behaviour that communicate hostile, offensive, or disrespectful messages towards a person or group based on an aspect of their identity.

On this four-week course from the London Race Strategy Team and the NHS Leadership Academy, you’ll learn what microaggressions look like, and what you can do to challenge them in any healthcare facility.

Understand microaggressions and their consequences for individuals, teams, and organisations

Microaggressions are subtle and can often be overlooked. Nonetheless, they have severe consequences for the emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing of individuals affected.

You’ll start by learning how to identify microaggressions, before exploring the impact they have on individuals and organisations.

Develop a toolkit for dealing with microaggressions at work

Once you know how to spot a microaggression, you’ll gain the skills you need to challenge it.

Applying theories of inclusion and allyship, you’ll take away key action items that you can implement in your own workplace.

Train with leaders in equality, diversity, and inclusion

Your guides on this course are a team of experts from the London Race Strategy Team and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. They’ll present concrete examples of microaggressions in healthcare contexts, focusing specifically on race, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Learning from these examples, you’ll discover what it means to create an equal and inclusive working environment.

Please note that free access to Core Managers: Noticing and Challenging Microaggressions is limited to individuals who meet the eligibility requirements.

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